Josh Metz, LCSW

  • Education: Bowdoin College, B.A., Catholic University of America, MSW, Fielding Graduate University (PhD pending 2024)
  • Internship/Fellowship: Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (LEND) Fellowship, Washington, D.C.; Fairfax County County Public School Dept. of Special Services; Family Compass, PLLC
  • Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Treatment Populations: Pediatric, Children, Adolescents
  • Services Provided: Developmental Assessments & treatment for autism spectrum and related disorders in development; treatment for anxiety, depression and executive functioning, ADHD; IEP Planning and School Accommodations (preschool, elementary, secondary school age); Relationship & Developmental Interventions (e.g. DIR Floortime, RDI) Family Therapy, Parent Guidance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy.
  • Membership: Zero to Three, Northern Virginia Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • Licensure: Commonwealth of Virginia (No. 0904007560)

Background: Prior to joining Ashburn Psychological Services, Mr.  Metz was head of School at the Auburn School Chantilly, serving elementary and secondary students with variations in development.

From 2008 to 2017, Mr. Metz served as Program Director of Neurodevelopmental Center for Early Intervention at Family Compass in Reston VA, where he provided therapy and early intervention services to young children with pervasive developmental and autism spectrum challenges and their families. Mr. Metz was also a part of the Family Compass Preschool Alliance, working directly with education professionals on teacher training as well as providing in depth teacher professional development and helping teachers with strategies for the classroom.

In 2012, Mr. Metz joined the faculty of the National Catholic School of Social Service as a Field Instructor for the Foundation Year Field Education & Integrative Seminar.

Before his time at Family Compass, Mr. Metz worked for America Online (AOL) from 1996 to 2005, where he held leadership and administrative roles and was responsible for end-to-end support services.

Mr. Metz holds a Masters of Social Work from the National Catholic School of Social Service at the Catholic University of America, concentrating his studies on infant and early childhood development. Mr. Metz is also a 2008 graduate of the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (LEND) Fellowship program located at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Prior to earning his MSW degree, Mr. Metz obtained a B.A. from Bowdoin College in European History with a concentration in Asian Religions.  Mr. Metz is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in the Infancy & Early Childhood Development PhD program at the Fielding Graduation University.

Joshua Metz, LCSW

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself.

My name is Joshua Metz, and I am a licensed clinical social worker. I have lived in the area of Northern Virginia for almost 20 years, and am blessed to be part of a loving family of five, plus two dogs. Beyond my clinical work with children and families, my interests include studying history and religion (especially as it relates to the human experience), exercise, music, spending time with family and friends, and, when I can, relaxing.

Well, How Did I Get Here?

I come from a family steeped in values of self-determination, discipline and doing right for right’s sake. I was taught there is no better virtue than to do unto others as one would have done to oneself. I was also taught that to best understand today and the potential for tomorrow, one must spend time understanding the influences of the past. This led to a college degree in History and a life-long passion for embracing the past to better inform the present and future.

When I had children of my own and began the practice of parenting, a new passion came forward: Studying and understanding the rich tapestry of the developing mind. From where does language, motor planning, or imagination spring? What is the intersection of nature vs. nurture? And most importantly, how do the actions and interactions of and parents, siblings, teachers, and others impact and influence development. And so, I embarked on a course of
study that has led to a fulfilling career as a child and family therapist that allows me to merge my two passions: understanding how things came to be in a person, and what I can do to help a person thrive. I can think of no better profession to honor my own past and passions.

What You Can Expect:

These are the things that matter most me in my clinical work, and this is what you can expect to receive:

Seeing the Person in Environment

As a social worker, I am trained in seeing a person within the context their environment. Like the image of a bullseye, I see the person in the center, followed by concentric circles of family, community, culture and society. I believe this provides an important perspective that helps me to see the whole person and not just their individual parts. And by doing so I can increase opportunities to identify resources and share solutions.

Seeing the Possibility in the Problem

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with a situation, or with a person. In fact, as humans we’re designed to see fault first before we see the positive. I believe that within every struggle or difficulty, there is opportunity for change and growth. When engaging with a family or individual, I do want to hear and understand what is wrong. But I also want to know what is working well, and what might be available as resources to help solve problems, strengthen capacities, and find pathways for growth. This is seeing the possibility in the problem.

Learning How I Can Help

I start every session with a new client with the same question, “How can I help?”. I do this with great purpose and a healthy dose of humility. I treat every individual and family as unique and expert in their own experience. I see myself as a new resource that can join a family’s journey and assist them in understanding the problem, identifying possibilities for help, highlighting what’s working well (and especially why that’s important), and then lending my knowledge and expertise to making meaningful change to help families thrive.

I look forward to connecting.

All my best,
Josh Metz, LCSW

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