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9 Tips to Liking Your Spouse Again


Do you find yourself in a marriage where you love your spouse, but privately and deep down inside, you don’t necessarily like him or her very much anymore? If you answered “yes” know that you are not alone.  According to a study conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, just shy of 60% of married couples reported being very happy in their marriage.  That number dropped from 65% from just two years earlier.  The study cites several factors contributing to marital unhappiness including, a sex life with diminishing returns, preoccupation with technology, and men taking their [...]

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Back to School Testing in Ashburn, VA


This is an excellent time of year to have your child or adolescent assessed and tested for learning struggles in math, reading and/or writing, as well as developmental, speech and language, auditory processing, behavioral or emotional concerns. It's still Summer so your child's stress level is lower than it likely would be during the school year. Moreover, having your parental concerns addressed and your child's struggles fulling identified now will put you well ahead of the curve for a successful school year. There are various types of testing to consider: Neuropsychological Testing Developmental Testing ADHD Testing Math Testing Reading Testing Writing [...]

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Dr. Jerome Featured in Article About Bullying


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Albert Jerome was featured in a recent article published by Elizabeth Coe in the Loudoun Times Mirror. Ms. Coe wrote that bullying among school-aged children is a widespread and serious issue.  According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, studies show that between 15 and 25 percent of American students are bullied.   Several examples of specific cases of bullying were described in the article. Dr. Jerome was cited as a local expert on bullying, who has both knowledge of the relevant research literature and clinical experience working with youngsters and families that are dealing with bullying.   [...]

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The “Perfect” Coach For Your Boy*


As each Fall athletic season begins and boys are recruited into (or placed onto) various school and county leagues, my voicemail and e-mail Inbox receive an inevitable bombardment of concerns from pare nts about the “best coach.” Parents often have the same concern season-upon-season: “My sons’ coach is mean and I don’t think he can succeed with someone mean;” “His self-esteem is being harmed;” and of course, “What should we do?” I rarely hear from the parents who love their sons’ coaches: obviously, they have no complaints. In an effort to address the question of what makes a “perfect” coach, I turned to parents who love their sons’ coaches, talked with coaches, looked at the recent research on the effects of athletic coaching styles on boys, and sought the advice of a life coach (*I should note that while there are many similarities about coaching boys and girls, the differences illustrated in research literature are strong enough to separate the topics, and focus on only coaching boys in this article.)

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Ashburn Psychologist Ashburn Psychiatrist


Keeping New Year’s Resolutions New Year's Eve has always been a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and to resolve to follow through on those changes. Every year clients of mine tell me their lofty plans for New Year’s resolutions- find a boyfriend, lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking- and inevitably, like most people weeks later when I ask about the progress of their resolutions, they confess that they have abandoned their goals. Striving for positive change is important; by following some basic steps, you can improve your chances to achieve your goals. Set reasonable [...]

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Ashburn Psychologist Ashburn Psychiatrist


Stress and the Economy Many psychiatric disorders have to do with external factors causing emotional upheaval and distress. There’s Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is caused by lack of exposure to sunlight. There’s Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is caused by experiencing an event that is dangerous and traumatic, and now I believe there may be a new epidemic affecting the mental health and wellbeing of many -- Market Affective Disorder (MAD), which is caused by stress in response to the global economic crisis that is impacting our savings and sense of security. While MAD isn’t an actual disorder, we, as [...]

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