IQ/Private School Testing

IQ/Private School Testing

Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services has pediatric and child psychologists who provide cognitive testing for private school placement. Typically, area private schools require the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) or the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale-Fifth Edition (SB-5) as part of their Kindergarten application process.  For elementary school, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V) and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale-Fifth Edition (SB-5) are typically the measures required.

We also provide testing for children applying to intellectually gifted programs within the public school system.  School districts across Northern Virginia vary on their requirements for gifted and talented programs, and cognitive testing is typically conducted as part of the determination process.  Sometimes gifted and talented students are found ineligible because they do not perform to their true ability during the school’s evaluation.

All school districts in Northern Virginia allow parents to appeal their child’s ineligibility.  Parents can choose a clinical psychologist who has training in child cognitive assessment to reassess their child.  In order to ensure that your child performs to the best of his or her ability, we recommend that your child is rested for the testing, and we support breaks as needed to avoid fatigue.  Your child’s comfort level with the psychologist evaluator and the setting are also important factors in attaining the most accurate test scores.  Thus, our psychologists will first establish rapport with your child and ease him or her, respectfully, into the testing period.  The psychologist evaluator will then provide you with a report for you to submit for appeal and review by the school district’s committee.

Keep in mind that each school district has their own due dates for appeals and reviews, and the period to retest and appeal privately is usually limited.  Thus, we recommend that you check with your committee as soon as possible should you wish to appeal their decision with a private evaluation and report.

We invite you to contact us should you wish to schedule your child’s testing.