Stronger BrainsWhat is Stronger Brains?

Stronger Brains is an online platform that targets the foundational neurocognitive skills that underlie brain health challenges and learning. The platform packages proven neuroscience into gamified exercises that target and adapt to meet each child’s cognitive and brain health needs. Our product and scientific approach were developed by recognized authorities in neuroscience and mental health, led by world leading brain plasticity scientist and UCSF Professor Emeritus, Dr. Michael Merzenich.

Stronger BrainsHow does it work?

  • Online training sessions delivering a combination of cognitive and behavioral health focused exercises (45 min per day, 3-5 days per week)
  • Pre & post assessments documenting changes in cognitive, social and emotional health
  • Simple, real time reporting of progress, performance and compliance

What are the Results?

  • 56% of children identified as at risk for mental health challenges were no longer at risk after using Stronger Brains
  • 80% of the children who completed training demonstrated positive gains in behavioral regulation and overall social-emotional resilience
  • Direct neuropsychological assessments showed significant growth in attention, working memory, processing speed and executive control
  • Improves academic performance and learning capabilities
  • With proper delivery, 95% of clients complete training with documented improvements

How to deliver Stronger Brains?

Our program is designed to be delivered in any in person or remote at-home environment via an internet-connected computer. Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services will be your partner every step of the way from implementation, assessment, and training, to results.

We invite you to contact us at: (703) 723-2999 to discuss your needs and how we can best be of service to you.

Stronger Brains