Hind Benjelloun, M.D.

  • EDUCATION: Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • RESIDENCY: Georgetown University
  • CREDENTIALS: MD, Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry
  • TREATMENT POPULATIONS: Children, Adolescents and Adults
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Medication Management and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Individuals and Couples
  • MEMBERSHIPS: American Psychiatric Association, Washington Psychiatric Society, American Medical Association, Medical Society of Washington DC, American Medical Women’s Association
  • LICENSURE: Commonwealth of Virginia

Dr. Hind Benjelloun is pleased to be a part of the team at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services.  Her practice philosophy is to ensure that her patients and their families receive the most   comprehensive, empathetic, and up-to-date psychiatric treatment. Dr. Benjelloun abides by new treatment modalities that are evidenced based and have been medically proven to help those with mental struggles or illness.

Dr. Benjelloun’s approach to treatment involves the development of an integrative, personalized plan, and she treats a broad range of psychiatric conditions for children, adolescents and adults.

Making informed decisions about the course of treatment is essential to Dr .Benjelloun’s practice; she wants her patients and their families to fully understand the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives to all proposed treatment recommendations. Her approach is a multifactorial one that incorporates a bio-psycho-social, all-encompassing theme to psychiatric treatment.  Dr. Benjelloun also feels strongly that the collaboration with family members, primary care providers, teachers and/or therapists can be critical for successful psychiatric care and positive outcomes.

As a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases of the brain and mental illness, Dr. Benjelloun’s goals are to provide relief from those conditions and to help her patients function at their highest potential.  She believes that successful treatment is reflected in positive changes outside the office visit in addition to a positive and meaningful experience within the sessions.  Sound treatment decisions are made together as a team.

Dr. Benjelloun has a fascination with the mind body dilemma and the connection between the brain and behavior. She trained at Georgetown University Hospital where she remained on as an associate medical director for several years. She has a strong love for teaching residents and medical students and feels that her own continued education is a strong personal priority.  Dr. Benjelloun has also served her patients as a crisis telepsychiatry physician, and she is licensed to conduct telepsychiatry in 12 states.

Lastly, Dr. Benjelloun has held various local and national leadership positions within the American Psychiatric Society, and she feels very strongly about mental health advocacy. She is frequently engaged on social media as a psychiatrist, and she enjoys expressing her thoughts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Dr. Benjelloun embraces the diversity of this Earth, and she has tremendous passion for world travel, the ocean and our solar system and universe.

 I believe in a holistic, full body approach to treatment that will encompass the entire human being.” ~ Hind Benjelloun, M.D.


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