Ronald Robinson, BS

  • EDUCATION: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT), B.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Engineering.
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Level 2 Certified Coach, King Sports International.
  • CREDENTIALS: Educational Consultant and Advocate for Students with Specific Needs and their Families, Teacher at Manassas City and Loudoun County Public Schools, Health and Fitness Coach, Author of ‘99100s’ Counting Curriculum, and Developer of Innovative Educational Programs (KIDnesthetics, BeeGeeTee).
  • TREATMENT POPULATIONS: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Individuals Experiencing Emotional Challenges, and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Success Coaching, Educational Coaching (specializing in executive functioning), Health Coaching (focusing on wellness and stress management), Special Education Services, and Mentoring for At-Risk Youth.
  • EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years of teaching and coaching, including nearly 15 years working with students and adults facing emotional challenges and intellectual disabilities.

With over two decades of experience in teaching and coaching, including 15 years specializing in helping students and adults navigate emotional challenges and intellectual disabilities, Ronald Robinson brings a comprehensive approach to Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services (APPS). He is committed to bridging the divide between individuals’ unique challenges and their aspirations, emphasizing the nurturing of intellectual abilities, emotional awareness, and physical wellness.

As an advocate for families and individuals with specific emotional and intellectual needs, Ronald’s work underscores his holistic view of each person and his deep appreciation for the supportive networks surrounding them. His approach focuses on curating highly supportive environments that diminish disparities between individuals’ experiences, their current knowledge, their abilities, and their efforts. This strategy, emphasizing the essential role of mental health as a catalyst for success, aims to empower individuals, boosting their self-assurance in expressing their capabilities.

In his role at APS, Ronald leverages his background in education, and health and wellness coaching, broadening his service offerings to provide comprehensive support focused on his clients’ growth and achievement.

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