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  Postpartum Depression As new parents you are likely experiencing a number of feelings -- both highs and lows. This is very normal, and as many as eighty percent of new mothers (and some new fathers) suffer from what we call the “the baby blues.” Symptoms are short lived, ranging from a few hours to a few days, and typically involve feelings of isolation, headache, tearfulness, hypochondriasis (i.e. unsupported bodily worries), irritability, sleeplessness and impaired concentration.  The baby blues is not the same thing as postpartum depression, nor is the baby blues a definite precursor for postpartum depression. Postpartum depression (PPD), [...]

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Dr. Amy Gordon Presents at Loudoun County Public Schools Dr Amy Gordon, a clinical and neuropsychologist of the Ashburn Psychological Team, presented at the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents (LEAP) on October 14th. The panel of local experts discussed the impact of technology on our student children and teens. Dr. Gordon spoke in place of Dr. Michael Oberschneider of the team, as Dr. Oberschneider has been kept quite busy with his newborn. Below is the link to LEAP and the excerpt for the evening. The panelists for this evening will be: LCPS Director of High School Education David Spage, who will [...]

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A Year of Recognition for Ashburn Psychological Services


  Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services has been honored this year with Dr. Michael Oberschneider, the founder and director of the practice, being recognized by his peers in the Washingtonian's (July 2009) "Top psychologist" category.  Dr. Oberschneider, who also wrote a piece in The Washington Post earlier this year on the impact of the economic crisis on mental health, was featured on News Channel 8's "Let's Talk Live" and has since contributed to an article for the Washingtonian Magazine with professionals across disciplines on preparing students and parents for returning to school. APS's life coach, Jayson Blair, was honored [...]

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