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Thinking about Stress Life can be stressful.   While the media bombards us with talk of war, recession, and layoffs, we are busy working, raising our children, and caring for elderly parents.   The content of our minds reflects the way that we live, with thoughts rattling around all day and sometimes well into the night.  We review, plan, worry, and obsess, and can end up feeling stressed and out of control. So, what can you do to manage your level of stress?  The common wisdom is that you should change how you think:  stop worrying and replace the negative thoughts with positive [...]

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Loss of Wealth Can Disrupt Mental Health By Michael Oberschneider Special to The Washington Post Tuesday, April 28, 2009 The reasons why somebody decides to take his or her life often remain opaque, even when there's a suicide note. But recent highly publicized deaths, such as the apparent murder-suicides of one family in their Middletown home and another in a Towson hotel room, and now the apparent suicide of Freddie Mac's 41-year-old acting chief financial officer, David Kellermann, have fueled speculation about the special psychological stresses caused by financial crisis. I can't comment on those cases, but as a psychologist I [...]

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Coping with the Winter Blues: Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder It is easy to understand why, this time of year, many are struck with a case of the winter blues. We leave for work before the sun comes up and head home in the dark barely glimpsing daylight. As the days get shorter and colder many find themselves dealing with sadness, increased appetite and excessive sleeping. What they may be experiencing is more than a case of the winter blues, but rather seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Many of my clients suffer from this disorder and often they just expect it is [...]

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