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Developmental Testing Ashburn, VA


Developmental testing examines and analyzes what an infant or toddler can and cannot do using a standardized set of questions, procedures and methods. The results of these inquiries can be quantified. This information helps parents and clinicians understand how a child compares to a population of children who are developing normally and points to developmental domains that need intervention. As children develop, some may demonstrate social, communication and problem solving skills at a slower or inconsistent rate, which in turn, impedes their development. Developmental testing will serve to identify if a child is experiencing within normal range weaknesses or more pervasive [...]

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Back to School Testing in Ashburn, VA


This is an excellent time of year to have your child or adolescent assessed and tested for learning struggles in math, reading and/or writing, as well as developmental, speech and language, auditory processing, behavioral or emotional concerns. It's still Summer so your child's stress level is lower than it likely would be during the school year. Moreover, having your parental concerns addressed and your child's struggles fulling identified now will put you well ahead of the curve for a successful school year. There are various types of testing to consider: Neuropsychological Testing Developmental Testing ADHD Testing Math Testing Reading Testing Writing [...]

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ARCpoint Labs at Ashburn Psychological Services


Mr. Jon Helms of ARCpoint Labs provided a presentation of his company's services at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services. Dr. Imran Akram, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Shalini Wahi, Dr. Michael Oberschneider and Ms. Chris Kutt of the practice attended the presentation. ARCpoint provides occupational and judicial drug and alcohol testing, DNA testing, background screening, environmental drug detection and wellness services. ARCpoint is the only lab and agency that conducts hair follicle illicit drug testing in all of Northern Virginia.  Hair follicle drug testing is considered to be the most reliable testing, as illicit drugs can be detected in [...]

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Ashburn Psychological Services Welcome’s Dr. Shalini Wahi


Dr. Wahi is an Oxford-educated Developmental Psychologist. She obtained her Post-Doctoral Respecialization Clinical Psychology training at the Mayo Clinic, MN and the Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA. When working with children, Dr. Wahi uses both play therapy as well as evidenced-based therapies such as, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help children alter their maladaptive thought and behavior patterns. An essential component of her work includes parent coaching and instituting a behavioral reward system in the home. In addition to working with children, Dr. Wahi also specializes in women's health issues. These include: mood and anxiety disorders, prenatal and postpartum adjustments, eating and weight disorders/body [...]

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