Ashburn Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Zafar Rasheed


Zafar Rasheed, M.D., is currently accepting new patients at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services. Dr. Rasheed is a highly regarded psychiatrist who has successfully treated many Loudoun County children, teens and families over the years. Dr. Rasheed also has an excellent reputation for collaborating with other doctors, therapists and psychologists in providing the best patient care possible as a psychiatrist. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Rasheed, we invite you to call our office manager at (703) 723-2999. Dr. Rasheed's professional biography is posted below for your review and consideration. Biography Dr. Rasheed values the importance of working as a team [...]

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Ashburn Psychologist Position at APS


Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services is expanding its team, and we invite interested psychologists and therapists in the area to apply. We are seeking: A therapist with a minimum of 5 years experience A therapist licensed in the State of Virginia A therapist with advanced training and experience in working with children, teens, adults and families A therapist who can work evening and Saturday hours A therapist who enjoys working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team assessment and treatment model If you meet these requirements, and are interested, please fax your resume to our director, Dr. Michael Oberschneider, at: (703) 723-4144 for [...]

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Washingtonian Magazine "Top Psychologist" Nod for Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services Congratulations to Dr. Michael Oberschneider for being recognized by the Washingtonian Magazine as “Top Psychologist” in the greater DC area.  The Washingtonian surveyed 1500 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers in the DC area to recommend one or two specialists, in a variety of areas, to whom they would send a family member for care.  Dr. Oberschneider received the nod for his work with children and teens.  Dr. Oberschneider is the only clinical psychologist in Loudoun County to receive the Top Psychologist recognitions from The Washingtonian Magazine.

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