Tracey Greenwood of Autism Educational Services in Ashburn, VA, met with Dr. Al Jerome, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Imran Akram, Dr. Michael Oberschneider and Ms. Christine Kutt of Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services to discuss ways in which the two organizations might work together more. Ms. Greenwood serves the Northern Virginia region in supporting parents of children in need of educational direction and advocacy. She works closely with parents, students, the school system and related professionals in supporting her clients in need. She has successfully helped several families at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services in need of such support.  Ms. Greenwood can be reached at: 

Autism Education Solutions
Tracey Greenwood, Owner and Founder
Located in Ashburn, VA but serving all of
Northern Virginia

Information about Tracey Greenwood

Tracey Greenwood is the owner and founder of
Autism Educational Services. She holds a
special education teaching credential in early
childhood and grades kindergarten through
high school. Tracey has a B. S. degree in Special
Education from Ohio University and a M. A.
degree in teaching from National University,
graduating magna cum laude from both schools.
She has 17 years experience in the public
schools as both a special education teacher and
an Autism Program Specialist. Tracey has over
400 hours in training on Autism Spectrum
Disorders and research-based related strategies
and methodologies. These research-based
strategies and methodologies include Applied
Behavior Analysis (Verbal Behavior, Discrete
Trial Training and Pivotal Response Training),
Structured Teaching Model (TEACCH),
Floortime Model, Picture Exchange
Communication, Sensory Integration and Social
Skill Strategies. She brings experience in
developing, implementing and supervising
developmentally appropriate programs for
students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This
includes utilizing a variety of assessment tools
developing Individualized Education
Programs. She has worked directly with parents
by leading parent support groups, conducting
training and implementing strategies in the home
setting. Tracey has also been an adjunct
professor at George Washington University,
teaching graduate students in elementary and
special education. In addition, she has supervised
students in their university teacher training