Developmental testing examines and analyzes what an infant or toddler can and cannot do using a standardized set of questions, procedures and methods. The results of these inquiries can be quantified. This information helps parents and clinicians understand how a child compares to a population of children who are developing normally and points to developmental domains that need intervention.

As children develop, some may demonstrate social, communication and problem solving skills at a slower or inconsistent rate, which in turn, impedes their development. Developmental testing will serve to identify if a child is experiencing within normal range weaknesses or more pervasive deficits/impairment (e.g. Autism or Asperger’s Disorder). Sensory Processing Disorder, Hyperlexia and other pervasive developmental delays or conditions are identified through developmental testing.

Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services developmental testing assesses language, social skills, motor skills, attachment, memory, sense of self and family dynamics. Parents are given a “map” that helps them understand their child’s unique temperament, developmental strengths and needs, sensory responsiveness, and preferred ways of playing and interacting. This tool helps parents to read and understand their child’s non-verbal signals and to respond appropriately. Early detection of delays or inconsistencies in development can help set-up the proper care and treatment to put children on the right path.

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