ADHD and Life Coach, Ms. Carla O’Brien “Coach Carla,” recently visited with our director, Dr. Michael Oberschneider, to discuss the ways in which their two practices can work together more closely in supporting Loudoun County children, teens and adults with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s Disorder. Coach Carla offers a unique combination of supports and strategies, including equine assisted coaching. For certain individuals, working with horses has proven to be a very effective approach for improving emotional and behavioral regulation, empathy, self-esteem and social skills. Below is an excerpt on equine coaching from Coach Carla’s Website:

Equine Facilitated Coaching for people living with ADHD, is an incredible way to improve your life! My Equine Coach exercises are specially designed to help you remove that “fog” that can keep you confused as to why you can’t complete certain projects, or find the motivation to even get started!

When you have ADHD it takes more than willpower to do better! You need awareness, goals, and accountability. When working with me, you will attain much needed life skills to achieve your dream life, long after our sessions are over!

When you work with my Equine Coaches you learn to recognize when you are getting out of control, and self manage back to an acceptable energy level. You will better read social situations and finally be able to have more friends. . By having to organize to get tasks done with the Equine Coaches, you will learn how you best work, and carry that design into organizing anything in your life.

This is just a few of the ways Equine Facilitated Coaching can help you with your ADHD. Step out of the doctor’s offices and into nature, to learn to be and do your best ! And you will have tons of fun while doing it!

To learn more about Coach Carla and her services, we invite you to visit her at: