On November 3rd, the Parents’ Association of St. Albans hosted a presentation for all STA parents focusing on practical strategies for raising children and adolescents.

Joseph Novello, M.D., a nationally renowned psychiatrist and family health adviser offered parents down-to-earth and practical advice about raising children in today’s society. Dr. Novello has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Nightline. In Washington, he hosted his own daily radio call-in program on WMAL, and his regular feature, “The family Doctor,” has appeared on WJLA-TV News.

Dr. Novello has authored several books on childrearing entitled; “What to Do Until the Grownup Arrives: The Art and Science of Raising Teenagers”; “How to Survive Your Kids: from Prebirth to Preteen”; and “Bringing Up Kids American Style” .

To Schedule a child or adult psychiatric consultation with Dr. Novello at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services, you may contact our office manager, Rita Meredith, at (703) 723-2999 or info@ashburnpsych.com