Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services works with children, adolescents and adults throughout Ashburn to understand any emotional and behavior problems. Testing will accurately diagnose psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety disorders. Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services provides individuals and families an understanding of their problems and personalized recommendations to treat them. Treatment might include: cognitive-behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, behavior planning and behavior modification work, play therapy, Greenspan-style floor time work, coping skills work, parental guidance, relaxation training, family therapy or couples therapy.

In addition to treating emotional/psychological problems, APS will assist in coordinating services between professionals. For example, emotional testing results greatly assist psychiatrists in determining which medications (if any) are most appropriate for children, adolescents and adults. Our psychiatrists, Dr. Imran Akram, Dr. Joseph Novello, Dr. Malika Seth, Dr. Gagandeep Singh and Dr. Zafar Rasheed work collaboratively with our evaluators and therapists in utilizing data gathered from emotional and psychological testing.

We invite you to contact our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999 to schedule a consultation. We also invite you to visit us at to learn more about our team and services.