Dr. Katherine Armstrong met with Dr. Amy Gordon and Dr. Michael Oberschneider at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services to discuss her services.  Clinicians at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services have referred several clients to Dr. Armstrong with great success.  Dr. Armstrong is an outstanding tutor who works very well with children and teens with ADHD and other types of struggles.  Dr. Armstrong’s biography and contact information is posted below for review and consideration.


Since graduating from Davidson College and completing her PhD at Emory University, Dr. Katherine McVane Armstrong has worked as a study skills coach for students with ADD/ADHD, Executive Function Disorder, and other learning challenges.  Dr. Armstrong tutors students in their homes and uses their existing school work (or college applications) to help them  learn organizational, time management, writing, and study skills.  By building a strong rapport with students and their parents, Dr. Armstrong is able to better understand each student’s unique academic strengths and weaknesses and help him or her succeed in the classroom and regain the confidence that is frequently lost as the result of a learning disability. Dr. Armstrong can be contacted at 404-694-2518.