Dr. Deep Sran and Ms. Susan Talbott of Loudoun School for the Gifted (LSG) met with Dr. Oberschneider, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wong of Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services to discuss the school’s mission and growth.

At the meeting, Dr. Sran, the Founder of LSG, shared many of his innovative and creative ideas regarding education and academic growth and the ways in which he implements those ideas at LSG.  He has a very unique and respectful approach to education that has led to successful outcomes for many of his students and graduates.

Ms. Talbott has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and her passion for her school, as well as for her students and parents, was apparent at the meeting.

Dr. Sran is both a visionary and a leader in education in our area, and he has worked very hard since 2008 to create and develop a very special school.  At LSG, students not only learn, but with equal importance, they learn in an environement that foster’s their passion to learn.

There are several private schools in Northern Virginia, but only one LSG.  Keep up the great work Deep and Susan!

To learn more about LSG, we invite you to visit them at:  http://loudoungifted.org/ or to contact them directly at: (703) 956-5020.