Neuropsychological testing is a comprehensive procedure that measures and identifies the interaction between cognition, processing capacities, and psychological functioning and their impact on academic and daily behavior.This sort of comprehensive testing is recommended for cases in which a detailed but general overview of functioning is requested.Neuropsychological testing provides quantifiable data about the following mental functions:

Short-term and long-term memory
Problem solving and conceptualizingᅠ
Ability to learn new skills and solve problemsᅠ
Attention, concentration, and distractibilityᅠ
Logical and abstract reasoning functionsᅠ
Ability to understand and express languageᅠ
Visual-spatial organization Visual-motor coordinationᅠ
Planning, synthesizing and organizing abilities
Functional impacts on learning and information recall
Academic achievement
Impact on the way a person thinks and feels as a result of the way their brain uses information

A neuropsychological evaluation will serve to confirm or clarify diagnoses such as, dementing conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s), developmental learning disabilities, attention/executive functioning disorders, developmental disabilities (e.g., Autism or Asperger’s Disorder), and the effects of toxic chemicals or chronic substance abuse, to name but a few.

Testing results will offer specific recommendations to educators, consultants and employers, which can help the child, adolescent or adult adapt to the work or school setting.

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